Mobile Dental Hygiene

Eagle County, 81631 | 09/15/2018 | Ad id: 8-0000305323

New concept in preventative dental hygiene care. (970) 445-8713
When was your last dental check-up? No dental insurance? I have immediate appointment availability. I am catering to small groups of people who are willing to have me come to their location for a personalized dental check-up and dental cleaning. The biggest excuses I hear from people as to why they do not go to the dentist is that they do not have dental insurance, they do not have time off from work or they do not have pain. Whether you know or do not know your dental conditions, waiting for pain from your teeth or gum tissue will more than likely be too late to prevent anything. And wouldn't it be convenient to walk down the hall for an hour to get your mouth conditions assessed and evaluated, your teeth cleaned and have the professional come to you. It does not costs more for this service when booked for a minimum of 4 persons. For $130 per person I will assess your teeth for cavities and conditions, screen for oral cancer and periodontal disease and take a blood pressure reading.

Whether your the boss, an employee or a proactive person who would like to try this concept understand that in order for it to be financially feasible for me to show up and provide this type of comprehensive care a minimum number of 4 people need to be scheduled for any one selected day, for the minimum service detailed in Option B for $130.
Please read the section on my website named 'How It Works'.
Also available: X-rays, fluoride varnish treatments, mouth guards, Oral DNA testing, teeth whitening etc. If it has been over 2 years since your last dental visit choose Option A for the best value because it includes the comprehensive documentation of your teeth and periodontal conditions, full set of dental X-rays that will show bone loss and cavities and finally a Fluoride Varnish Treatment (ADA recommended 1-3 times a year). My business name Czech-Up, comes from my personal history of pioneering dental hygiene in my parents home country of Czechoslovakia from 1999-2004. At the time it was already called the Czech Republic and they did not have dental hygienist until 1999 in that country. Thank you for considering this option. Alice Laurent