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NOTICE OF INTENT TO CREATE BINDING USE RESTRICTIONS ON LAND GENERALLY KNOWN AS THE EAGLE MINE SITE, LOCATED NEAR THE TOWN OF MINTURN IN EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO Battle North, LLC and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) provide notice of their intention to impose binding environmental use restrictions (EURs) on the land areas generally known as the "Consolidated Tailings Pile","Maloit Park", "Old Tailings Pile","Rex Flats", "Roaster Pile #5", "The area below the elevated Mine Water Transport Pipeline adjacent to the Bolts Lake Area", and "Gilman", located in or near the Town of Minturn in Eagle County, Colorado. The EURs will mitigate risks, posed by elevated concentrations of heavy metals generated by the Eagle Mine Superfund site, by prohibiting certain land uses (such as for residences, schools, or parks) and other activities (such as irrigation, excavation, and withdrawing groundwater) that could expose individuals or the environment to residual contamination. Pursuant to § 25-15-318.5, C.R.S., once the EURs have been finalized, they are binding on all current and future owners of the land and any persons possessing an interest in the land. CDPHE is accepting public comments on the draft EURs. Copies of the proposed EURs and a legal description of the affected properties are available by contacting Dustin McNeil of CDPHE at (303) 692-3324 or Email Me. All comments must be submitted to Email Me by Thursday, February 14, 2019.