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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 5-210.E. of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations, as amended ("ECLUR"), that the Board of County Commissioners, County of Eagle, State of Colorado, will hold public hearings on Tuesday August 4, 2020 at 2:00 pm, and August 11, 2020 at 2:00pm, as may be continued from time to time, at the Eagle County Community Center, 0020 Eagle County Rd, El Jebel, Colorado, to consider the following:

Type of Application: Planned Unit Development (PUD) Sketch and Preliminary Plan (PDSP) application and Zone Change (ZC) application for 10 acre PUD. File Numbers PDSP-9012 and ZC-9017

Description of Action: The applicant is requesting approval of a PUD for five (5) residential single family lots with Accessory Dwelling Units allowed on four of the lots.

Location of Land: A 10.02 acre piece of property located at TBD Willits Lane (Parcel Number 2465-034-00-036), Basalt Area.

Legal Description: Beginning at the northeast corner of said property recorded as reception no. 313171, said point being a point at the intersection of the north line of tract 47 and the west edge of the asphalt of said willits lane (with all bearings herein being relative to a bearing of s. 89°54'55" e. between the witness corner for ap4, tract 47, monumented by a #5 rebar and 1.25' cap stamped ls. 14111 and the witness corner for ap3, tract 47, monumented by a 2" aluminum pipe and 3.25' cap stamped ls. 28643); thence s. 00"29'29" e., along the easterly boundary line of said reception no. 313171 and said west edge of asphalt, a distance of 565.16 feet; thence leaving said easterly boundary line and said west edge of asphalt n. 89° 54'55" w., a distance of 537.96 feet; thence n. 50"44'11" w., a distance of 143.47 feet; thence n. 29° 38'18" w., a distance of 110.61 feet; thence n. 62° 47'41" w., a distance of 174.90 feet; thence n 00° 05'05" e., a distance of 298.71 feet more or less to said north line of tract 47; thence s. 89° 54'55" e. along said north line of tract 4, a distance of 854.00 feet to the point of beginning. County of Eagle, State of Colorado.

Scheduled items will be continued to the next available Commission meeting day if the Commission is unable to complete its agenda as scheduled. If more than the two meetings set forth above are required, please know that no additional notices will be sent regarding those meetings; however, dates will be posted to the Active Land Use Applications web page listed below.

Copies of the aforementioned applications and related documents may be examined in the Office of the Eagle County Department of Community Development located at 500 Broadway, Eagle Colorado. Due to COVID-19, the Community Development office may have reduced hours for in person review of application materials. Please contact the office at (970) 328-8746 to confirm office hours. The application may also be viewed on the Eagle County website at

Telephone inquiries regarding the subject matter of the public notice may be made by calling (970) 328-8746.


/T/ Regina O'Brien
County Clerk and Recorder

Published in the Aspen Times and Eagle Valley Enterprise on July 2, 2020. 0000595960