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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 5-210.E. of the Eagle County Land Use Regulations, as amended, that the Eagle County Planning Commission, County of Eagle, State of Colorado, at a meeting on July, 17, 2019 tentatively planned for 3:00pm and the Board of County Commissioners, County of Eagle, State of Colorado, at a meeting on a date to be determined at the Eagle County Main Building, 500 Broadway, Eagle, Colorado, shall hold a public hearing to consider the following: Type of Application : PDS-7679, Airport Interchange PUD Sketch Plan and Zone Change . Description of Action : The applicant proposes a Planned Unit Development (PUD) on a 57.4 acre property that was once mined for gravel and has since been reclaimed. The PUD as proposed would allow contractor storage, vehicle storage, landscaping storage, a single family residence and other miscellaneous storage and contractor uses. Location of Land : 14141 HWY 6, Eagle County, CO. Located between Hwy 6 and the Eagle River north of Costco, between the towns of Eagle and Gypsum. Tract: 47, Sections 1 and 2; Tract: 51, Section: 2; and Tract 53, Sections 2 and 3, all in Township 5 and Range 85. Total acreage is 57.4 acres. Scheduled items will be continued to the next Board meeting day if the Board is unable to complete its agenda as scheduled. Copies of the aforementioned application and related documents may be examined in the Office of the Eagle County Department of Community Development located at 500 Broadway, Eagle Colorado. The application may also be viewed on the Eagle County website at Telephone inquiries regarding the subject matter of the public notice may be made by calling (970) 328-8751. Agenda times for the Board of County Commissioners are available online at _Meetings/Agendas/ PUBLISHED BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, COUNTY OF EAGLE, STATE OF COLORADO. /T/ Regina O'Brien County Clerk and Recorder 500 Broadway, P.O. Box 850, Eagle, Colorado 816371 Published in the Eagle Valley Enterprise June 20, 2019 0000439650