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SUMMIT COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING AGENDA Tuesday, August 27, 2019, 1:30 p.m. County Commissioners' Meeting Room; Summit County Courthouse 208 Lincoln Avenue, Breckenridge, Colorado For assistance or questions regarding special accommodations, accessibility, or available audio/visual equipment, please contact 970-453-3403 as soon as possible. I. CALL TO ORDER II. ROLL CALL III. APPROVAL OF AGENDA IV. CITIZEN COMMENT V. PROCLAMATIONS & ANNOUNCEMENTS A. Proclamation Declaring September 2019 as Suicide Prevention Month in Summit County, Colorado VI. CONSENT AGENDA A. Approval of 8-13-19 Regular Meeting Minutes B. Warrant Lists of 8-1-19 to 8-15-19 (Finance) C. Approval to exercise option agreement to acquire a portion of the TH Fuller Placer (Upper Blue) D. Liquor License Modification for The First Harvest Inc. dba INXPOT; Manager Registration; Tavern; Susan Chehak; located at 195 River Run Road #B9, Keystone, CO (Clerk) E. Liquor License Renewal for Cures n' Curiosities dba ROCKIN' R RANCH; Liquor Store; Don McCoy; located at 91 River Run Road, Keystone, CO (Clerk) F. Liquor License Modification for Keystone Food & Beverage Co. dba RIVER COURSE GRILL; Optional Premises; Mark Kimball; located at 155 River Course Drive, Keystone, CO (Clerk) G. Liquor License Modification for Keystone Food & Beverage Co. dba KEYSTONE LODGE & SPA; Manager Registration; Michael Bynum; Hotel & Restaurant with Optional Premises; located at 22010 U.S. Highway 6; Keystone, CO (Clerk) H. Liquor License Renewal for Chance Investments LLC dba CHANCE LIQUORS; Liquor Store; Cara York; locate at 6885 Summit County Road 30, Heeney, CO (Clerk) I. Liquor License Modification for Skye Holdings LLC dba GATEWAY GROCERY & LIQUOR; Premise Modification; Liquor Store; Kelly McMurray; located at 23110 U.S. Highway 6 #108, Keystone, CO (Clerk) J. Liquor License Renewal for Keystone Food & Beverage Co. dba DERCUM SQUARE ICE RINK; Optional Premises; Geoffrey Buchheister; located at 120 River Run Road, Keystone 80435 (Clerk) VII. NEW BUSINESS A. Request for Public Hearing and Designation of Neighborhood for a Reapplication of Expired Liquor License for The Pour House Dillon LLC dba THE POUR HOUSE DILLON LLC; Tavern; Linda Schmehl; located at 40 Cove Boulevard Units #B3 & B4, Dillon, CO (Clerk) VIII. PUBLIC HEARING A. A general amendment to the Summit County Land Use and Development Code to clarify policies and remove obsolete language. Code Sections 2700, 3301.07, 3505.02, 3505.13, 3505.17, 3505.18, 3505.21, 3506.02, 3514.04, 3514.06, 3603, 3604, 3808, 3808.04, 3809.02, 3809.03, 3809.04, 3810.02, 3815.03, 3815.04, 3821.07, 3821.08, 3821.09, Table 3-2, Table 3-3, 6600, 8101, 8154, 12002.05, 12200.05, 12204, 13204, 14103.03, Chapter 15 Definitions, and other amendments to accomplish the foregoing. (PLN19-040/ Summit County Government) B. Consideration of a Resolution Providing for the Submission of a Question to the Registered Qualified Electors of Summit County, Colorado, regarding whether a Local Minimum Wage Law should be Adopted in Summit County (Attorney/Finance/Manager) C. Peak 7 Local Improvement District (LID) i. Consideration of Resolution to Create Peak 7 LID (Engineering) ii. Consideration of a Resolution providing for the referral of a ballot measure to the registered electors who are property owners of property within or residents of the proposed Peak 7 Local Improvement District, authorizing the issuance of special assessment bonds for the purpose of financing road improvements within the proposed Peak 7 LID. (Engineering/Finance/Attorney) IX. ADJOURNMENT *This agenda is subject to change at any time. Please contact the Manager's Office or visit our website to obtain updates at: Published in the Summit County Journal on August 23, 2019. 0000471101