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SUMMIT COUNTY PLANNING DEPARTMENT NOTICE OF DETERMINATION On May 9, 2019, the Summit County Planning Director determined pursuant to Section 10300 (F) of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code that the proposed planned upgrades to the Second Water Treatment Plant as part of the approved Town of Breckenridge 1041 permit are a technical revision. As noted in the submitted review materials, the original design approved by the 1041 permit included the ability to upgrade the proposed facility from 3.0 million gallons per day (MGD) to 4.5 MGD within the approved structures. In making this determination, the Planning Director finds that there will be no increase in the size of the area affected by the project or the intensity of the impacts of the project. The evidence provided by the applicant demonstrate the proposed planned upgrades do not include changes to the intake along the Blue River, or any of the pipelines, site and landscape plans, or architectural, structural or mechanical elements or water rights of the original project, thus supporting this determination. For further information, please contact Dan Osborn, Summit County Planning Department at (970) 668-4068 or by e-mail at Email Me Published in the Summit County Journal and the Summit Daily News May 17, 2019 0000422788