Aspen, 81611 | 05/09/2017 | Ad id: 12811326

Harry TEAGUE Architects seeks a new team member with 5+ years of experience in cultural / arts, multi-family and high-end residential projects. In particular, candidates experienced in Construction and Contract Administration for Cultural and Museum facilities and high-end residential projects. Solid understanding of documentation and production process for thoroughly detailed buildings preferred. ArchiCad experience helpful.
Based in Basalt, Colorado, HTA is known for making projects with an imaginative and innovative approach, cultural acumen and a vital reinterpretation of western vernacular architecture.
We are a small studio of individuals wearing multiple hats. Applicants must be willing to be highly capable individuals who like to experiment – are engaged in their surrounding community and the world at large – and who are interested in contributing to our culture and our team. We are seeking candidates who are self-motivated, facile at solving problems, willing to learn new methodologies and be curious.
Experience with CA is a primary interest - including administering all aspects of the construction process, working closely with owners and contractors in collaboration with our team and our consultants to ensure a successful project. Reviewing and fielding RFIs, Submittals, Review of work on site, Punch list and close out procedures. Ability to keep the project running smoothly and ensuring the detailing and construction quality is maintained in line with our design intent.
Experience in ArchiCAD or other BIM based software is a plus. Experience in carpentry, physical model and prototype building, or other fabrication work would allow you to make great use of our awesome shop. Important to be able to learn quickly and work effectively on occasional tight deadlines; also great to have well-rounded interests in various disciplines inside and outside of design.

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